Understanding the Background of the Google Algorithm

Google updates its algorithms quite often. In reality, in case we visit Google’s algorithm update history, it’s simple to note they roll out new updates multiple times a month, and several times a year. Some updates include simple changes in the appearance of the search results page, whereas others include the launch of new ranking factors.

Most people know performing SEO on a site is continuous work, a habit. Actions made today will reflect on your traffic down the road, and it requires persistence and patience to continue.


Things out of the control of ours are able to happen and ruin all the daily and methodical work we have done for our website’s SEO: the drastic changes in Google’s algorithm!

Does That Mean I Should Change My SEO Strategy Every Time Google Releases a New Algorithm Update?

While it’s a good idea to pay attention to these updates, you should not be concerned about having to change your entire SEO campaign.

Google Algorithm updates represent new ranking opportunities and criteria that SEOs should comply with, which is why SEO is actually a continuous strategy.

So, Why Does Google Update Its Algorithms So Frequently?

Google constantly releases algorithm updates in order to maintain its superb online advertising and search services. Many things are able to go wrong when running a company online, causing it to shut doors unexpectedly.

If this happens to a brick-and-mortar store, it’s simple to see they’ve officially closed down; however, how could you tell whether running an internet business is currently operating or perhaps not?

That is where the “Bots” come in!

Google has “crawling robots” that go around discovering and inspecting sites 24/7. If Googlebots cannot get to the site of yours, it won’t ever be indexed. What this means is whether Google cannot see the website of your content, then it will not rank your site either.

You are able to stay away from all of this stress by performing technical SEO strategies to make sure your site is actually visible to crawler Bots, loads at speed that is fast, as well as depicts a true representation of the brand image of yours.

Once the website of yours is actually discoverable, Bots are going to analyze the format and structure of the business of yours, indicating how Google should be evaluating and ranking your site. Clues like breadcrumbs, structured sitemap and markup is able to help guide the Bots through the content of yours, pointing out the most important pages and blocking the ones Google should not consider.

Why Are Google Algorithm Updates Necessary?

The thing that makes Google better compared to Bing, among other search engines, is actually the speed, quality and accuracy of the content it offers in its search results page.

Think about it:

in case the search results page displayed links to sites which had little to do with what you really searched for, or even if it took too long to display it results, would not you try a different service?

You and I would!

That said, Google is seeking probably the best content available online, so it’s safe to say that “content is actually king”! Quality content should be digestible, readable, informational, and helpful – not just fluff.

The basic rule of thumb here is:

“the better the content, the higher are actually the chances it is going to rank on the first page of search engine results.”

Choose Quality Over Quantity – Always!
Because of the inception of its, Google has been fighting off cheating practices of rank manipulation. This includes link schemes, link spamming, hidden keywords and keyword stuffing. Such practices are actually referred to as “black hat SEO” and are actually used to boost site rankings.

A lot of people will love to understand how long it takes a site to rank on Google, but the fact is actually there are actually no predetermined deadlines for search engines; trying to avoid the procedure will work against you.

Understand this:

“More content” does not always mean “better content”, which is why Google rewards sites that offer value to its removing, punishing, and users the schemers from search engine results pages.

What Can I Do When Google Releases Algorithm Updates?

Ultimately, Google relies on a wide network of trust indicators that help determine the trustworthy and reliable most sources of energy available online.

Besides quality content, another main trust indicator is actually the amount and quality of links pointing back to the site of yours, known as backlinks.

The same rule mentioned above applies here: choose quality over quantity! You are able to often find folks offering thousands and hundreds of “quality” backlinks to the website of yours for very small investment, but if several of them are actually “spammy” and not honest, Google will mark your site as untrusted, and will remove it from its search engine results page.

Once Google has established the site of yours as spam, it is going to require double, triple, or perhaps quadruple amount of effort to help it bounce back.

Quality backlinks are directly associated with Domain Authority (DA), a metric calculated by evaluating linking root domains, total backlinks and more that helps predict how a site will rank on search engines, like Google.

Consequently, for effective SEO strategy, building and managing the link profile of a site is actually essential to improve its domain authority.

In Conclusion

While rankings will constantly oscillate, the position of yours on search engines results pages shouldn’t shift drastically in case you stick to these principles.

Anything you do, Don’t panic: poorly constructed actions and ideas will negatively impact your SEO strategy; in case you’re applying white hat SEO strategies, just be patient.

Should you need help want to hire me to help boost your company growth using SEO strategies, feel free to get in touch! For starters, I am going to analyze the performance of the site of yours and a build competitive analysis report for the business of yours. TOGETHER, we are going to build the most suitable campaign to get traffic to the company of yours and increase the ROI of yours.

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